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Pearl Tresses

Citrine Glo

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Introducing "Citrine Glo," our radiant 22-inch silky straight lace frontal wig that channels the timeless elegance of the Citrine gemstone. Elevate your look with this stunning wig, featuring dark brown roots seamlessly transitioning into enchanting blonde hues, capturing the essence of warmth and sophistication.

Key Features:

- Gemstone-Inspired Elegance: "Citrine Glo" draws inspiration from the Citrine gemstone, combining dark brown roots with mesmerizing blonde highlights and lowlights, creating a harmonious and sophisticated look.

- Versatile Lace Options: Choose between our 13x4 and 13x6 lace options, providing you with flexibility in styling and a natural-looking hairline that can be partied in various directions.

- Luxurious Length: Flaunt a chic style with options – choose the long, glamorous 22-inch straight look for a sophisticated vibe, or go for the trendy and playful 14-inch bob style to express your individuality.

- Comfortable and Secure Fit: Crafted in a medium size with a 22-inch circumference, "Citrine Glo" ensures a comfortable fit. The adjustable removable elastic bands offer a secure and glueless feel, enhancing your overall styling experience.

Embrace the luminosity of "Citrine Glo" and adorn yourself with a gem-inspired masterpiece that defines sophistication and style. Elevate your beauty and confidence with this exquisite wig today.