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Pearl Tresses


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Introducing "Garnet" – Embrace the Allure of Body Waves in Lace Front Luxury!

Step into the world of glamour with our "Garnet" lace front wig, a captivating creation designed to make every day extraordinary. The body wave style adds a touch of romance, creating a stunning look that effortlessly captures attention.

Key Features:
- Enchanting Body Wave: "Garnet" features a beautiful body wave style that adds an enchanting, flowing texture to your locks.

- Lace Front Elegance: Crafted with precision using lace front technology, this wig provides a seamless, natural-looking hairline that enhances the overall realism of the wig.

- Luscious Length: With a generous 22 inches of length, "Garnet" allows you to indulge in the allure of flowing waves, creating an effortlessly chic appearance.

- Natural Density: Boasting a lush 150% density, this wig ensures fullness and volume for a glamorous and natural look.

- Average Size Comfort: Designed with an average cap size, "Garnet" ensures a comfortable fit for a wide range of wearers.

Elevate your style with "Garnet" and let the body waves redefine your beauty. Unleash your inner goddess with this lace front masterpiece. 🌊💖