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Pearl Tresses


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Introducing Ruby - Unveiling Timeless Elegance


Step into a world of sophistication with our Ruby lace front wig. This enchanting wig, with its rich burgundy hue (#39), offers a striking 18-inch length adorned with face-framing layers and a gently bumped style, creating a feathered look that never goes out of style.


Key Features:


- Burgundy Brilliance: Ruby is designed to turn heads with its captivating burgundy shade (#39), a color that radiates confidence and style.


- Feathered Glamour: The prestyled layers and gentle curl/wave add a touch of timeless elegance to your appearance, perfect for various occasions.


- Luxurious Density: With a lush 150% density, "Ruby" guarantees volume and fullness that enhance your natural beauty.


-Comfortable and Secure: This lace front wig comes equipped with adjustable straps and combs for a secure and comfortable fit, ensuring you feel confident throughout the day.


Experience the allure of Ruby and transform your look effortlessly. Elevate your style, express your elegance, and make a statement with this exceptional lace front wig. Order Ruby today and unveil your timeless beauty. 💎🌟